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Metal Fabrications

Strength and Style in Every Piece

Beauty in Strength - Customized Fabrications

Our Stainless Steel, Bold Black Steel, and Aluminum fabrications for Curtain Walls, Windows, and Doors are not just strong; they look good too. Each piece is carefully made to meet your design preferences, ensuring it not only fits the project but exceeds your expectations.

Stainless Steel

Our Stainless-Steel creations are strong and stylish, showing off the perfect mix of engineering and design.

Black Steel

Bold and eye-catching, our Black Steel pieces are made with precision and a touch of unique design.


Our Aluminum creations are all about futuristic design, combining the latest technology with timeless elegance.

our process

Elevate Your Spaces with Timeless Metal Artistry

Our metal fabrications service epitomizes robustness, resilience, adaptability, and visual allure, guaranteeing each creation surpasses anticipations.

1. Connect

We initiate the process by delving into your vision and requirements to establish a clear understanding.

2. Innovate

Our team creatively explores design possibilities, generating innovative ideas aligned with your vision.

3. Propose

We present a transparent proposal, detailing design concepts, materials, timeline, and costs.

4. Refine

Through iterative design reviews, we refine the concept, incorporating your feedback for continuous improvement.

5. Craft

With precision and attention to detail, we transform the finalized design into a tangible, high-quality reality.

6. Communicate

Maintaining open communication, we provide regular updates, ensuring your involvement and satisfaction at every critical stage.

7. Deliver

Our efficient project management ensures the timely delivery of your project, maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Common Questions

Clarity, Style, Efficiency.

Architectural glass presents a host of advantages, from its ability to provide clarity and illumination to its contemporary appeal and energy-saving properties

Frequent Asked Questions?

What services does Nairobi Handrails offer?

Nairobi Handrails specializes in Architectural Glass, Metal Fabrications, and Handrails.

How does Nairobi Handrails prioritize safety and style in their solutions?

We ensure safety and style in our solutions through meticulous design and fabrication.

Can Nairobi Handrails customize solutions to fit specific preferences?

Yes, we offer customizable solutions tailored to our clients’ preferences.

What types of projects does Nairobi Handrails typically undertake?

Our projects span across residential, commercial, hospitality, and institutional sectors.

How does Nairobi Handrails ensure the durability of their installations, particularly in high-traffic areas like offices and bathrooms?

We prioritize durability through high-quality materials and precise fabrication techniques.

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