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Architectural Glass

Bringing Light and Elegance to Spaces

Illuminate Your Space with Architectural Glass Solutions

At Nairobi Handrails, we redefine spaces with our Architectural Glass services. Imagine walking into an office with a grand entrance made of Main Door Glass, or offices separated by stylish Glass Doors and functional Office Partitions. Picture elegant bathrooms with Frameless Shower Cubicles that not only look stunning but also stand the test of time. Our glass designs bring clarity, brilliance, and a touch of sophistication to every space.

Main Doors

Our impressive Main Door Glasses, made of strong 12mm thick glass with branding, not only look great but are also tough and durable.

Office Glass Doors

These doors seamlessly combine transparency with sophistication, making your office space both modern and enduring.

Office Partitions

Our precision-engineered partitions strike a perfect balance between looking good and being practical, providing a lasting solution for your workspace.

Frameless Shower Cubicles

Designed with care and craftsmanship, these cubicles not only look amazing but also stay beautiful over time.

our process

Seamless Designs, Endless Collaboration with Nairobi Handrails Interiors.

Nairobi Handrails Interiors adopts a collaborative, client-centric approach. From conceptualization to execution, we engage clients, ensuring their vision is seamlessly translated. Our process is characterized by efficiency, transparency, and a relentless pursuit of quality.

1. Connect

We initiate the process by delving into your vision and requirements to establish a clear understanding.

2. Innovate

Our team creatively explores design possibilities, generating innovative ideas aligned with your vision.

3. Propose

We present a transparent proposal, detailing design concepts, materials, timeline, and costs.

4. Refine

Through iterative design reviews, we refine the concept, incorporating your feedback for continuous improvement.

5. Craft

With precision and attention to detail, we transform the finalized design into a tangible, high-quality reality.

6. Communicate

Maintaining open communication, we provide regular updates, ensuring your involvement and satisfaction at every critical stage.

7. Deliver

Our efficient project management ensures the timely delivery of your project, maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Common Questions

Clarity, Style, Efficiency.

Architectural glass presents a host of advantages, from its ability to provide clarity and illumination to its contemporary appeal and energy-saving properties

Frequent Asked Question?

What services does Nairobi Handrails offer?

Nairobi Handrails specializes in Architectural Glass, Metal Fabrications, and Handrails.

How does Nairobi Handrails prioritize safety and style in their solutions?

We ensure safety and style in our solutions through meticulous design and fabrication.

Can Nairobi Handrails customize solutions to fit specific preferences?

Yes, we offer customizable solutions tailored to our clients’ preferences.

What types of projects does Nairobi Handrails typically undertake?

Our projects span across residential, commercial, hospitality, and institutional sectors.

How does Nairobi Handrails ensure the durability of their installations, particularly in high-traffic areas like offices and bathrooms?

We prioritize durability through high-quality materials and precise fabrication techniques.

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